Hoang Anh Group held and mobilized the supporting movement “ New Year for the poor”. - HOANG ANH SHIPPING JSC


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Hoang Anh Group held and mobilized the supporting movement “ New Year for the poor”.

MONday - 02/01/2012 17:26




            Responding to the appeal of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front on supporting mobilization for the poor, more than the past eight years, along with the achievement in business activities, Hoang Anh Group has actively participated in supporting and contributed to the fund “ for the poor” of Hai Phong city.




           In oder to display the solidarity tradition “ Mutual affection and love”, “The good leaf covers the broken one” and want to bring the poor a cosier new year; on January 1st, 2012, Leadership of Hoang anh Group, Party Cell, Trade Union, Youth Union directly held and mobilized the supporting movement  “ New Year for the poor” in all staff, crewmembers and drivers of Group.



Mr. Do Van Vu –  The Cell Secretary expressed his opinion.



           Attending were Mr. Hoang Anh Tuan – The Chairman of Directors of Hoang Anh Group; Mrs. Le Thi Thanh Xuan – General Director; Mr. Dang Van Anh - Deputy General Director; Mr. Vu Van Dung – Deputy General Director responsible for Taxi; head of departments and staff, crewmembers, drivers and benefactors, humane hearts who want to together help the poor.



           Mr. Hoang Anh Tuan – The Chairman of Directors of Hoang Anh Group expressed his opinions and mobilized the movement.




           With voluntary spirit and desire to help the poor in material and spiritual, all leadership, staff, crewmembers, drivers of Hoang Anh Group participated actively and supported a salary day per one and total of subscription came to two hundreds and fifty millions. Hoang Anh Group will directly come to hand this subcription and give presents to the poor, victims of dioxin, policy families, disabled people in staff of Hoang Anh Group and districts of Hai Phong city.




           Coming to the poor, we newly see their difficulties. Coming to the disabled children, victims of dioxin, we newly feel their unaffectedness, innocence and desire of human love. The mobilization not only helps the poor to have a cosy new year; children to have more laughter but also reduces their loneliness in the life together with community.




           Mrs. Bui Thu Trang – Representative of all staff expressed her view and sent heartleft thank-you to leadership, Party Cell, Trade Union, Youth Union who held, mobilized  the movement and were a bridge between humane hearts and the poor.



           Apart from material presents, Hoang Anh Group has contributed to bring the poor a extremely meaning spiritual one. It is fortitude, determination and above all others is belief in their life, in a brighter future and in a more civilized society in which there are still many good people, benefactors, always extend humane arms.

           Performance of Hoang Anh Group’s staff.



Author: IT Hoang Anh

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